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Dive Programmes 
  Package  Content   Duration       Price  

Guided Dive   n/a   € 40,00 
2 Dive Pack n/a   € 75,00 
3 Dive Pack n/a   € 110,00 
4 Dive Pack n/a   € 135,00 
5 Dive Pack n/a   € 170,00 
6 Dive Pack n/a   € 195,00 
10 Dive Pack n/a   € 275,00 

PADI Programmes
  Course  Content   Duration     Confined    Video Theory    Price  
Discover Scuba
Your first step to becoming a certified diver.1/2 DayYesYes € 60,00 
Scuba Diver
PADI certification allowing you to dive to a depth of 12 metres in the company of a PADI professional. 2-3 Days YesYes € 225,00 
Open Water Diver
The most popular dive certification in the world! Allows you to dive to a depth of 18 metres. 4-5 Days YesYes € 395,00 
Open Water Diver Refferal
Complete your academics and confined water elements at home and complete your open water dives in the sun!2 DaysYesYes € 200,00 
Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver Upgrade
Upgrade your SCUBA Diver qualification to become a certified PADI Open Water Diver.2 DaysYesYes € 199,00 
Scuba Review
For the qualified diver who has not dived for some time; a chance to brush up on those skills! Includes an open water dive.1/2 DayYesYes € 60,00 
PADI Diver Development Programmes     
  Course  Content   Duration     Confined    Video Theory    Price  
Adventure Diver 
Some academics and 3 varied adventure dives. Takes you to the next level of dive qualification.2 DaysNoYes € 185,00 
Advanced Open Water Diver 
Some academics and 5 varied adventure dives. Takes you to the next level of dive qualification. 2-3 Days NoYes € 295,00 
Rescue Diver / Emergency First Response 
Have fun learning how to look after yourself and your fellow divers on this combined course.4 DaysYesYes € 395,00 
PADI Speciality Programmes     
  Course  Content   Duration     Confined    Video Theory    Price  
Deep Diver4 Dives2 DaysNoYes € 250,00 
Underwater Navigation3 Dives2 DaysNoYes € 195,00 
Wreck Diver4 Dives2 DaysNoYes € 245,00 

Peak Performance Buoyancy2 Dives 1-2 Days NoYes € 99,00 

Underwater Photography2 Dives 1-2 Days NoYes € 135,00 
Naturalist2 Dives 1-2 Days NoYes € 135,00 
Boat Diver2 Dives 1-2 Days NoYes € 135,00 
Multi-Level Diver2 Dives 1-2 Days NoYes € 135,00 
Emergency First ResponderClass Room1 DayNoYes € 125,00